about the designer

New York-based designer Quinne Myers currently splits her time between her studio in Wallabout, Brooklyn and the busy streets of Manhattan's garment district, but she grew up in quiet Springfield, Illinois and spent her childhood in the garden, picking pink roses and finding four-leaf clovers, which undoubtedly inspire her escapist capsule collections.

Quinne is inspired by naïve views of nature, European gardens, roses and wildflowers, the rococo-era art of Jean-Honore Fragonard and Francois Boucher, perfumery, incredible music, vintage luxury, and traditional fairytales.

“I’m all about details and I love telling a story,” she says. “The silhouettes of the 1950s and the extreme decadence of the late 18th century both inspire me. I always try to live in the moment, and I think that is probably reflected in my work.”

Despite having such an over-the-top feminine aesthetic, it’s important to Quinne that she and reverie attitude reflects a sense of empowerment as well. She designs for the modern romantic.

Quinne believes fashion should make the wearer happy no matter what. With she and reverie, she aims to create a world that is fit for a modern-day fairytale princess.

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